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  • Tranfer directly to another user's voice-mail

    I have a need to transfer a call from our operator to another user's voice-mail without it ringing said user's phone. Is this possible?

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    use call manager and click transfer,,,, when you choose the person click on to mailbox


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      Assign a button on their phone under their personal options in the director. Set it to Telephony > Transfer to Mailbox and leave the Target extension blank. Label it something like xfrVM. It works great for us.


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        As others have said settuing up a custom button either on the Phone or PCM (Has to Be Operator) or depending on ST build (Custom Tool Bar for PCM)

        you can assign a button that is Direct to Vmail (Open Generic prompt or Direct to a specific users ext)

        In button assignments
        Director > User Edit > Personal Options > Programable Buttons or Customize IP Phone Buttons >
        Choose a button to build choose > Dial Mailbox
        Under Label Name it what you wish
        IN the ext field leave it blank to transfer anyone or Set the extension to go direct to users Vmail

        For PCM
        In User Edit > General
        set the user as Operator
        Select the Intended Target user as a Monitor Ext
        The Operator can then drag and drop it to Vmail


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          Pretty simple...

          From the phone:
          Transfer + extension + More (softkey) + TO MB (softkey)



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            Thanks for all of your quick responses on this. I've trained the users to do it either the phone by hitting more and transfer to MB or by Personal Call manager. The phone method is a little tricky as you have to be fast to hit the more button. Most of the users prefer the method described above with PCM.

            Thanks again.


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              The reason you have to be fast to hit the button when using the phone is because of a setting under "IP Phones" -> "Options".

              If you change the value of "Delay After Collecting Digits (milliseconds):", you can give them more time to make the selection.

              However, this setting also controls the delay before a call is placed if the user dials a phone number (or extension) on the without first taking the phone off-hook.