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  • System Directory

    Is there a way to remove users from the directory but still keep them active? Fax machines and emergency phones that sort of thing.

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    If you go into the individual users section of the ShoreWare Director and select the fax machine or emergency number then about half way down the page is a checkbox for Include in System Dial by Name Directory, just make sure that is unchecked and you should be good to go. I hope this helps.


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      Include in dial by name

      I think unchecking the "Include" box only hides the information from the directory on the phone and the dial by name feature on voicemail. I don't think it hides it from the PCM.

      There is another setting to make it private that hides it from the pcm as well (i think)


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        Check off "make number private" in the user profile


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          For our users that wanted to remain anonymous we did the following:

          Uncheck "Include in System Dial By Name Directory"
          Check "Make Number Private"

          Then I would add a seperate system directory entry with the users name, and their admin's number. That way someone needing to get ahold of that person would find an entry in the directory w/o having to release their private number.


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            The bad deal about that is I believe "make number private" hides all outgoing caller id info.

            Remove from the system directory should do just that, remove ALL references of that user from the system directory, from the phone, from the PCM, from everywhere.

            Making number private should be a totally seperate deal.

            its like each option does half of what the other should do.