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  • Getting Stuck in Call Wrap-Up Mode (Workgroup Issue)

    We have had this nagging, ongoing issue with the people in our workgroup. At random intervals, with random workgroup members, they occasionally get hung up in call wrap-up mode. My wrap-up mode time is two minutes.

    I just noticed an interesting phenomenon - I think the server is not communicating with the workgroup for some reason (or not communicating properly). I am, for example, in workgroup membership right now, double-clicked the guy in call wrap-up mode, selected the radio button to force him back into logged in mode - it shows he's now in logged in mode - but when I call him, he's still stuck in call wrap-up mode.

    So I log out from Shoreware Director. Guess what, he's stuck in call wrap-up mode.

    Is this a known bug with Shoretel 7? I spent quite some time the other day last week on the phone with one of the Shoretel engineers. For some inexplicable reason some of the agents were in "fax server" mode when they should've been in user redirect mode. We corrected that since - but I've now determined that this is not causing the problem.

    I think I've found a communication problem that may be related to the workgroup client only - comms btwn the server and the clients may be degraded. THis is just a hunch, but if anyone out there can help me, it is much appreciated.

    Frankly, I am finding myself wasting a lot of time with this Shoretel system. NOT GOOD. I have more important things to deal with.

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    What version? What is the NIC configuration? We experienced some similar issues. Verifed Nic and switch settings were set to auto on both ends and upgraded to latest release of 7.5 12.14.8701 and have been issue free since.


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      Just an FYI -
      We had that exact same issue about 3 builds ago (about Dec 2007).
      Randomly, several agents would get stuck in the wrap-up mode. Our solution was to eliminate the wrap up. It kinda annoyed the call center employees anyway since they were pretty much ready for the next call by the end of the one they just got off of. I have not tried wrap up since.