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  • Swapping HQ with remote site steps

    We have a customer who was installed last year who has a HQ Director server at their (current) main office in Minnesota and a remote site with a DVM in VA. They wish to move the main office and the majority of staff to VA. As a result, they are asking for a quote on how much time it would take to move the Director over to VA and have a DVM in MN.

    I know from personal experience that changing IP Addresses of a Director can be pretty dicey (the one time I did it, we had to reinstall the entire system because the DB got corrupted). I see that there is some documentation which will hopefully help to mitigate that risk, but I still worry.

    Loosely speaking, I think the steps are this:

    Move all DVM managed switches and users to be managed by HQ.
    Uninstall DVM software from server.
    Install Director on Server.
    Copy DB from HQ server to new server.
    Associate all hardware and users on system to new server.
    Uninstall Director on old server.
    Install DVM on old server, associate users and switches to DVM.

    Am I missing anything?

    I very much appreciate your help!

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    You will need to get a new system license, because your MAC has changed. Just treat the DVS as a new ST install on a new server. Just make sure you have the ip changed and the name of the server (IF APPLICABLE) before you install the ST software.