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  • Updating Shoretel

    Scenario is as follows:
    HQ located in Central time zone. 1 DVM located in Eastern time zone. 1 DVM located in Arizona time zone. If I update the HQ and Eastern DVM, and then wait until after hours to update the one in Arizona, will there be any detrimental behaviour on the AZ DVM until it is updated? No workgroups in AZ that would be affected, but am curious as to if anything else would be. the 2hr difference is a killer when they don't observe DST.

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    If they are on separate shoretel systems i would say they are fine. If it is relaying off the HQ server i would upgrade all at one time. This is just that I think would happen.

    If I was doing this upgrade for the first time like this, I would upgrade the 3rd site a half hour after. So then you can test it to see what happens (upgrade first 2 then test). If something does happens then just upgrade it to fix it.