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  • Internal Call Routing

    I have a couple questions on the best way to route our internal calls on our Shoretel 7.5 system. Our ideal layout is as follows:
    Receptionist (ext 299) She should be able to take up to 3 calls at a time.
    Backup Receptionist (ext 298). Person that fills in when receptionist is at lunch, sick, etc.
    Customer Service Workgroup (ext 201). Goes to 3 agents in the workgroup.

    Basically, I want the receptionist to answer up to 3 calls at the same time. the 4th Call, (or any if she is away) should roll over to the 201 extension.
    We have a phone sitting at the front desk. By default, it is in "out of office" for the backup receptionist. (the person places the phone into standard when filling in). So that when the receptionist is gone, she can put her phone into "out of office" mode, and the backup Receptionist can enter the phone into standard mode, and that phone would basically act the same as the receptionists.

    I have played with several different setups, however, the challenge seems to be getting it so that the receptionist can take 3 calls at the same time! (our customer service people we would like to spend face to face time with people that come in, and just be backup for the phones)

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    You will need to reduce the Call Stack for either the receptionists extension or a hunt group that the reception phone belongs to. The Busy destination should be your backup receptionist.