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  • Import Outlook Contacts problem - Shoretel Call Manager

    I'm a new user of a Shoretell VOIP phone system. I'm using Shortel Call Manager build 13.9.3506.0 on a freshly built Windows XP Pro laptop with Outlook 2007 build 12.0.6300.5000.

    I'm having a problem importing my Outlook contacts with Shoretel Call Manager. When I: Start->Options->Outlook, then click on Import Options I get a dialog -
    "Could not load folder information"

    If I then click the "read contacts now" button, I get a popup in the task tray telling me it failed.

    I've gone as far as removing all my outlook data files temporarily and restarting it so it would build new ones, added a contact and retried it with no luck.

    Any ideas?


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    I had the same problem after I tried to uninstall the exchange 2003 administrator tools after I installed Exchange 2007 admin tools. I never really figured out what happened and had to use the windows roll back to fix it.


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      Bumping - has anyone gotten to the bottom of this..?


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        What does the MAPI import log say? Can you turn on enhanced logging in PCM, restart the laptop, and try again?

        To turn on enhanced logging, place the cursor in the Lookup field in PCM, press CTRL-F12, and check all the boxes except those marked "Will degrade performance"

        The logs are stored: C:\Documents and Settings\[USER]\Application Data\ShoreWare Client\Logs