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  • Call Manager

    I have a problem with my call managers and SWD. If I set a user to not be included in the system directory, their name comes up in call manager but not in the system dial by name directory. The only way to hide them in the call manager is to check the box, make number private. Any ideas?

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    I'm not sure if this is what you are asking but I was told by Shoretel yesterday that there is currently no feature that completely hides a user in the agent monitor. The 'make number private' option will hide the user's extention only, but will still show name, call state and duration, etc. I have submitted a feature request, but who knows if it will ever happen.


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      No. That is not it. When you have call manager open and you start typing in a name, a list of names will appear to dail. If I have the check box unchecked for the user "Include in system dial by name directory", it used to hide them from being showed in the list of names. Now it won't. It will take them out of the directory when you access it from the phone, but will not from the call manager. The only way to get them removed from the CM is to set Make number private. That also takes away their caller ID.


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        In my experience, the only way to not show a caller's name in the call manager (from the Shoreware, vs AD) is to check "Make Number Private".

        Toggling "Include in system dial by name directory" only affects the Dial by Last Name, Dial by First Name directories.