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  • Shoretel 8 - Codec Changes

    We upgraded to shoretel 8 last night. The main issue we ran into (so far) is that it seems the codecs were updated.

    After the upgrade, our default codec selections were "changed". The default codec that was picked for us caused a flood of calls from users claiming the "Tin Can" syndrome.

    We had to create a custom codec list. We picked pcmu/8000 as the primary and things seem back to where they were before the upgrade.

    I am sure people would have gotten used to the new default of G722 eventually.

    It sure seems that (and this could be just perception) that there is MUCH more bass in the pcmu/8000 codec. It also seems less tinny and more clear. However, it is probably just what we were "used" to.

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    How do you create a custom codec list?


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      We ran into the same issue with upgrading to v8. I ended up creating a new Codec list with just PCMU/8000, G729/8000, G722/8000, which cleared up the tin can issue.


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        Codec List

        In 8 you can just click on Codec Lists and New.

        I am not sure how you do it in 7.5 or before, but I am sure that there would be a way.

        Once you create your new codec list you can just assign the codecs that you want to be used.

        You then assign the new list to each site and the site will use your new list immediately.


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          The upgrades to Shoretel 8 do not correctly convert the codec.

          There is an App note on the shoretel website to correct this

          In short, you already have established the correct process to do this
          1. In director
          2. Call Control
          3. Codec List
          4. New
          5. Type New PCMU
          6. Add PCMU 8000
          7. Got to Sites
          8. Set your Codecs to New PCMU