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  • Adding A PDF to Shoreware Director ver. 7?

    How do you add a PDF (instructional file for the IP230 phone) under Documentation/Quick Reference in ShoreWare Director? We have the IP110, IP210, and IP560/560g references available, and I want to add the IP230 instructional reference sheet.

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    You can get the Document here:

    If you want to add it to the ShoreWare Director you need to edit the page usually located here on the vm server:
    X:\Program Files\Shoreline Communications\ShoreWare Director\
    in the "navigator.asp" file
    but if you dont know how to do ASP i WOULD NOT touch it.

    Upgrades might delete the setup.


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      Thanks....I will heed your advice (since I don't know much about ASP)! I'll just contact the vendor and ask them to do it for us.


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        They might not do it either, i have not asked. Let me know what they say. It is a very simple ASP setup, but if you screw up you can mess up the Shoreware Director.


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          Hmmm...doesn't it get updated when you update your software?


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            I totally agree on what you're saying.....I'd leave it well enough alone. I have been notified however that our next upgrade will have the .pdf incorporated into director....maybe it's best we just wait it out!