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  • Time Based Mailbox Routing

    I have three different time shifts and I would like to be able to route calls to a specific mailbox based on the shift time (morning, mids, evenings). I can use an auto attendant, but that only gives me two shifts (on hours and off hours). Any ideas?

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    You might want to try 2 Auto-Attendants. The on-hours schedule for the first AA covers Shift 1, and the off-hours schedule for the first AA goes to the second AA. The second AA uses the on-hours schedule for Shift 2, and the off-hours schedule for Shift 3.


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      You can cascade workgroups. Lets assume that you have the followng scenario: between 6AM -8AM Operator Group A needs to be the destination of the incoming calls on a particular trunk group; between 8AM -12Noon, Operator Group B needs to answer calls; after Lunch until 5PM operator group C needs to answer the phone; between 5PM and 6 AM yet another solution is required (perhaps an off premise telephone answering service). This is about as complex as it gets and I assume that your situation would fit this model? Using a combintation of RoutePoints/Workgroups you can accomplish this scenario. I would be please to log in and to this for you (no charge). Regards,