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  • Secondary PRI

    Ok. Here is what I've got. I have one PRI at one location and another PRI at another location with a DVM installed. I have multiple sites in my structure. It seems that only the phones that are physically in the same building as the second PRI are accessing it by default. Outgoing calls and 911 calls are routed perfectly for these users. However, I created a test usergroup and only gave access to the second PRI at the DVM location. The phone is physically located at another location with the normal access to the first PRI. Normal calls are routed ok, but 911 calls are not. I get a reorder tone and an event log in the server that states "no trunks available to route to 911." Anyone know why it will route regular calls but not 911 calls? I need this for failover if I were to lose a PRI. By default I was giving all users access to each PRI and if one went down I was under the understanding that it would failover, normal calls and emergency.