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  • Changing Display on Shoretel 265 Phones?

    Hi All,

    Has anyone successfully changed the background image on the Shoretel 265 phones. I followed the instructions below but the default image is still on the phones after rebooting and resetting them.

    Downloading the File to all System IP 265 Phones
    The following procedure loads wallpaper files to all IP 265 phones.
    1. Save the wallpaper file on the HQ Server computer in following directory: C:/Inetpub/ftproot
    2. Access the C:/Inetpub/ftproot directory on the HQ Server.
    3. Open s36custom.txt
    4. Add the following line to the open file: Wallpaper2pixmap abc.bmp, entering the name of the wallpaper file in
    place of abc.bmp, then save and close the file.
    For example, if the wallpaper file is name logo.bmp, then enter Wallpaper2pixmap logo.bmp.
    5. Open shore_s36.txt
    6. Verify that the file contains the following line: Include s36custom.txt. Add this line to the file if it is not present.
    7. Reset the phones.
    Verify that, when each phone reboots, they include the line shore_xxxxxx.txt, where xxxxxx is the MAC address
    of the phone, and that the phone saves the wallpaper file.
    8. Verify that each phone displays the wallpaper file after they are reset.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>

    When the phone rebooted I didnt notice the line shore_xxxxxxx

    Any help much appreciated.

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    I ran in to problems with this on a 565G phone. I was following the 'single' phone instructions and it actually replaced the bitmap for all phones. The steps are basically the same with the exception of steps 3 and 6. (Looking at the System admin guide for the steps). The name of the file doesn't matter since you are not updating a single phone, you can't match the MAC to the file name.

    To do a single phone you only need to create a file in c:/Inetpub/ftproot named shore_001049######.txt (replace # with numbers obviously) with Wallpaper2pixmap logo.bmp in that file and put then put the picture in that folder as well.

    It worked well, I was just shocked when I thought I was only changing my wallpaper and I got a call from someone who's phone rebooted with a new picture. I was just thankful it was a tasteful picture.


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      Thanks for the reply. I'm pulling my hair out at this stage :-) Still no luck.

      This is what i've done:

      Create a file shore_001040a29cd.txt
      In this file ive put a single line Wallpaper2pixmap test.bmp
      Opened shore_s36.txt and put the line: Include "shore_00104a29cd.txt
      I also copied the bitmap picture, test.bmp. into this folder.
      Reset the phone
      Waitied with excitement
      And then nothing, same default picture as before :-(
      Last edited by Glenb; 05-30-2008, 01:47 AM.


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        I had the same issue with some 565 phones. My problem was the width and height was incorrect.
        Here are the wallpaper pic specs:

        Wallpaper File Specifications
        The wallpaper is 320 by 240 pixels and uses an uncompressed 256-color .bmp file
        format. Each of the 256 colors is defined by a 24-bit RGB value. Bitmap files can be
        composed using MS Paint or any other editor that can create Paint-compatible files.
        To verify that a graphic file can be used as a wallpaper image:
        Step 1 Open the image in MS Paint.
        Step 2 Open the Attributes panel by selecting Image -> Attributes from the
        main menu.
        Step 3 Verify the following parameters are set as follows and make the
        appropriate adjustments:
        Width = 320
        Height = 240
        Units = Pixels
        Colors = Colors
        Step 4 Close the Attributes panel by clicking OK.
        Step 5 Open the Save As panel by selecting File -> Save As from the main menu.
        Step 6 Verify that Save as type is set to 24-bit Bitmap (*.bmp;*.dib).
        Step 7 Note the proposed file name and directory, and click Save.



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          Thanks brad, I checked that but sorry to say, still the same.

          I've gone over all the steps about four times now just incase I was doing something stupid. All looks fine but still no results.


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            I had the same issue. I did mute clear #. When the phone reset it loaded the new bitmap.

            Then I had an issue with the bmp alainment of the logo so I made a new bmp and could not get it to load. I took all the changes out. It loaded the default bmp then I added back in the new bmp and changed the txt files rebooted the phone and it loaded.

            good luck.


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              I have found that the phone will only load the file from the FTP server if the filename has changed. If you edit the wall paper file after the phone has saved it the phone won't reload it.


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                Glenb not sure if you 'copied and pasted' above or retyped your post, but I noticed your filenames don't match and neither one of them have enough digits for a MAC address. Also at the end of the include statement you are missing " marks.


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                  File Names

                  I have the file names correct and the phone downloads it. How do i do the mute # reset you talked about?


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                    Originally posted by Brittin View Post
                    I have the file names correct and the phone downloads it. How do i do the mute # reset you talked about?
                    mute 73738 # is for reset
                    mute 25327 # is for clear

                    Spell out the commands after pressing mute followed by #

                    I got it to work what I did was

                    copied my logo.bmp to the ftproot directory.
                    I tried using the s36custom files like the OP but couldn't get the phone to read it even after added Include "s36custom.txt"
                    I ended up just putting the Wallpaper2pixmap logo.bmp line in the file it already looked for when it booted up which in my case was s6ccustom.txt

                    This was on a 565G.


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                      I got this working very nicely by not touching either of the standard files for the 265 but just create the new file shore_(mac address lcase here).txt and in there the Wallpaper2pixmap test.bmp. All the measurements other members have quoted above obviously have to be correct as well but none of those includes are required.

                      My next challange is to command line reapply the wallpaper but can't find enough about phonectl or available telnet options on the 265 !



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                        Modifying the wallpaper image for the 565g

                        Great post.

                        I got my IP565g all set up with the custom company logo now and im still playing with the settings on it now. I found that I can 'jarhead' it by just using MS Power Point to create the icon by importing the picture I want into a blank slide and then modifying the content in that slide to be the wallpaper I want on the phone and then use the "save as" feature to save it as a .bmp file. Then I going back and opening up the file with MS Office Picture Manager (I know, I should be using Adobe Photoshop or something or just asking my Marketing Department to create one for me but they have IP230s and they would question me as to why I get the IP565g and they dont...) Then I resize the image to 320x240 and resave the file in the .bmp format again.

                        After that, I follow the instructions in the previous post and change the shore_s6c.txt(for the IP565g only) and change the Wallpaper2Pixmap to have "<filenam.bmp>" of that file I created and saved in the C:\Inetpub\ftproot in there instead of what is there from the factory. Then a quick [mute] + C-L-E-A-R + #, * and when it resets, the image is displaed in the background instead of the factory one.

                        Good Luck!


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                          Hi Kyle,

                          You'll probably find that your changes are overwritten next time you upgrade the ShoreTel software. To make your changes persistent you should put them in the s6custom.txt file. You'll see a line in shore_s6c.txt which loads this file.

                          One of my earlier posts in this thread mentioned that the phone didn't seem to download the file unless the name changed when I tried this. I suspect that using CLEAR instead of RESET overcomes this problem.


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                            Those who post who did it with a model 565g, think about the original poster. I'm having the same problem as the OP, with a model 265. Following all the instructions here, which seemed to have worked for people with 565's, still leads to the display not changing to the bmp file I want with a model 265. Glenb did you ever get it to work? if you're still out there?


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                              180 Dpi/ppi

                              I had been having the same frustration with the file looking right, appearing to download to the phone, and then still seeing only the default picture. I opened the default picture in Paint and noticed the resolution was 180x180 dpi whereas the 320x240 pixel 24-bit bmp file I was trying to load was at 150x150 dpi. I edited the file to convert it to 180x180 dpi (in GraphicConverter on my Mac, don't think you can do that in Paint) and it immediately loaded up and displayed using the shore_[mac addr].txt method. Another tip, if you plan to go crazy with custom graphics, you can put them all in a sub-folder of the ftp root (I made one called "bitmaps") and then you can call it from the custom txt file like: wallpaper2pixmap bitmaps/logo.bmp. Hope that works for you.