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  • GSM Gateway to allow FREE mobile calls

    I want to install a GSM gateway into my Shoretel system and would like to know what peoples experiences are with these?

    Does Shoretel as such certify or recommend any particular make/model?

    As the title implies, the purpose of installing a GSM Gateway is to take advantage of free calls between mobiles on the corporate phone plan.

    I'd be looking for a GSM gateway with 2 sim cards to enable 2 concurrent calls.

    P.S. Also interested in how the system could route the call once it hit the GSM gateway? Would it just go to the AA message, etc and then the caller can just key the relevant extension number?

    PPS.. (full of questions).. Would staff have to know both mobile numbers or just one number? I.e. when the first SIM is busy, the second is used automatically.

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    We use a unit called Tellular. Has either a analog line interface or a T-1 interface. We happen to use the T-1 interface, but have used analog line interfaces in the past. The biggest problem we have found is that on the analog interface you don't really get disconnect supervision. After the call is over you tend to get some calls that won't disconnect immediatley. With the T-1 interface you don't seem to get this. Otherwise it just takes some trunk group setup to route you calls out the appropriate route.


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      Hi all

      We are trying to setup a GSM gateway as well. What type of trunk did you create in Shoretel and what type of port does your aalogue gateway have; FXO or FXS?

      I have an FXS Simado GFX44 and it is giving me licks.


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        We put a GSM gateway in a while back. Configuring it was the biggest pain ever. Documentation was very scarce and billions of acronyms. But now it works quite well. Its inline with our E-1 and I would be happy to provide configuration screenshots and model numbers.