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  • Getting Voicemail on a Softphone

    I have a building that is not on th network, but has it's own Qwest Analog line. I have a User (Softphone) that was created, to allow calls to that phone by internal extension. It is set to standard, then to always forward to the outside number.

    I can give this user a mailbox, but how do I get the call to transfer to the external number, then have it go back to Shoretel voicemail if not answered.

    Voicemail service through Qwest, and getting a phone with a built-in answering machine seem like my only two options so far.

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    I suspect that Follow Me Find Me or Office Anywhere will provide a solution for you. You should be able to find enough documentation on these features to get you started. Probably Office Anywhere would be the better one. You could give the user Call Manager then as well.


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      Yes, the find me feature will put the caller into VM if not answered.