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  • How to manually set IP address

    I have a ShoreTel 230 IP phone and am wondering how to manually set an IP address on it.

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    When it forst boots up, and comes to the password screen...type "1234", and set it manually. The only other way is to make a DHCP reservation for it's MAC. There is a script on how to do this on this site.


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      It never comes up to the password prompt.

      It says "No MGC IP Configured".

      Does this mean it has an IP address already (I can't check the DHCP leases, as the firewall is a low-end Linksys that hands out the IP addresses -- that's why I need to manually set them up).


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        you missed the prompt. Reboot it again, and watch closely... You will see it come up and ask for a password. It says "NO MGC IP Configured" because there is no FTP server configured for the phone. You could assign it manually, or setup option 156 in DHCP.



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          i have a 210 that keeps looking for dhcp, i have tested the drop and its good (i plugged another phone into it) i even set a reserv by MAC and no luck. i have check the port on the phone and there is no visual defects. i have over 50 ips left and 20/75 11/40 on ip phones. please help