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  • Shoretel Video Calls

    We are getting ready to test the video options in the PCM 8.

    The manual claims that it takes 600kpbs per video call. Can anyone verify that this is correct? Are there any other options for lower quality?

    I am concerned that at 600kpbs we would be unable to offer video to our employees. We have bonded T1's between locations, but at 600k 4 calls would destroy intersite bandwidth.

    Anyone use this yet? Any thoughts?
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    How did you make out with your Video implementation? We want to begin testing, but utimately want conf rm to conf rm across our WAN, rather than person to person. Can ShoreTel be adapted for that, or do you have to add something like Lifesize?

    Were you able to use Standard, or did you have to buy the higher quality license?

    Thank you.


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      We decided not to start using the video at this time. We did do some testing and it seemed ok. I do not think it is really suiting for conference room to conference room. You would have to keep a pc that everyone can login to at each end. They would have to login, open the shoretel client, initiate a connection, etc. There is something to be said for hitting a "connect" button on a remote control and being done (lifesize).

      The shoretel client seems really geared toward desk to desk video, and at 600k per call, our WAN cant handle it.


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        For conference room to conference room we use LifeSize. works great.