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  • Lost Shoretel Dirtector Password

    Hi All.

    Was wondering if you can help, We have a Shoretel PBX, which we have been passed from our sister company, the problem is they have forgotten the login detials for the Shoreware Director program, reading through the manual it says to log in as admin and password changeme. But this has been changed because using these login details do not work.

    My question is, is there any way you can reset the admin account's password back to changeme??? or any other defualt login that I can use to get into the Director program?

    Thanks in advance.

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    NO other default password.

    Once an admin has been assigned, the defualt ADMIN CHANGEME gets deleted.

    The best you could do is access the DB directly with MS ACCESS to change the password of a user that has admin privleges. Of course, it's encrypted, but there are ways. I've done it a few times.


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      Previous to ShoreTel 8, Charles is absolutely correct. Just open the .dbf file in accessand have your way. With ShoreTel 8, you can still do this but it is a bit more trickey as the configuration database is now in MySQL.


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        Hello team,

        I'm looking how to change the default user & password, now I still have the admin and changeme, but I need to change this credential to a custom information.

        Can you help me with this?



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          System Parameters, Administrative Permissions.
          Randy Wensmann
          [email protected]
          (408) 385-3485