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  • IP8000 Phones Go Dead?

    Just installed a new ShoreTel system and love it, with one exception: our four IP8000 conference phones go dead (blank display, no dial tone) about once a day and must be rebooted. Not such a big deal, I know, but to the user it is an ugly inconvenience.

    IP8000's are all connected to the same Nortel POE switches as the 560 and 230 phones, and they do not have this problem, so it must be an IP8000 thing.

    I've also tried using the ShoreTel PowerDsine 3001 but still no joy.

    Has anyone else experienced this?


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    What firmware are you running on your IP 8000's. Are you running v8? If so, your IP 8000 phones need to be on 2.6.1 (7).


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      They're at 2.6.1

      Correction: They're at 2.6.0 does that make a difference?

      Further correction: I'm at V7.5
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        I had an issue with the 8000 needing to be rebooted; the issue was a bug in one of the builds. It happened when someone misdialed a number the phone would freeze and would have to be rebooted.
        It is worth a look, easy to check


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          Thanks for the tip, I'll look into it. Mine appear to freeze while inactive, and all four are affected. At first I suspected ESD but why would it only affect the IP8000's and not the 560's and 230's?


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            Asking the obvious: Is this on ShoreTel 8 as a SIP extension or on an earlier release as a SIP Trunk. Very different.


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              ShoreTel 7.5 SIP Trunk