If you are currently a Shoretel 8 Beta tester, listen up!
ShoretelForums has a special place for you! we have added a new sub-forum where Beta members can discuss Beta issues. This forum is hidden from public view, and requires you to gain membership to it (free of course). For non-beta members, I am sorry, but we can not grant you access due to NDA disclosures.

To join the Shoretel Beta Group, You will need to complete the following:

If you are a Beta Site:
1. Join ShoretelForums if you haven't already (free!)
2. Email me @ [email protected] with your SF.com Username, and a copy of your NDA with Shoretel (legal purposes only, these will not be used for any marketing purposes, and I will not disclose any information enclosed within, except to Shoretel if asked.) Please email me from your work email, so I can verify that you are who you say you are. I will not accept requests from Yahoo, Gmail, etc.
3. Answer the following question in the email: What is located immediately under "quick Look" in the maintenance section of Shoreware Director? (this will verify that you indeed do have access to ST8)
4. That's it. I will add access to your account.

If you are a Shoretel employee:
1. Join ShoretelForums
2. E-mail me @ [email protected] asking for access (include your screen name). This MUST be from a Shoretel email address, I will not accept Yahoo, gmail, etc.

This is a trial run. The procedure may change as needed.