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  • Dial Pad Blocked

    Hi Guys,

    I Need Blocked Dial Pad In The Ipphones, Some Idea?



  • #2
    I am not sure you could block the dial pad, but what is the end goal, you might still be able to get there. Do you want no external calls, only calls to one extension...


    • #3
      Thanks Ben , The Goal Is Total Blocked Dialpad In Internals And Externals Calls, Maybe Only Use Received Calls And Programmed Buttons...


      • #4
        Where will this phone be? What will it's purpose be. It sounds like you could replace this with a speaker or perhaps doorphone unit to get that kind of functionality.


        • #5
          The Phone Is In Lobby, They Want Only Received Internals And Transfer External Calls.
          May Be They Want Dial Used Key Directory.


          • #6
            Have you looked at something like the Viking K-1500 series? They require an analog port, but would perform this function really well.
            Viking Electronics Telecom & Security Products


            • #7
              You can put the phone into a User Group that only allows Internal Calls, then in the Class of Service you can restrict digits within your extension range (ie. 1XXX). This is just off the top of my head, I haven't tested this out myself.

              One thought would be to allow only 911 calls from that phone because you never know when something might happen and that phone is the nearest one to call for an emergency.


              • #8
                Unfortunately, last I checked, internal dialing cannot be restricted via the class of service. Wish it could be.


                • #9
                  Can you set the ringdown option on that extension so that it immediately dials an auto attendant that does nothing (except hangup perhaps)
                  You need V8+ it's possibly on v7 as well.


                  • #10
                    Thanks Guys, For Your Help, I Need Blocked Ip Phones Not Analog Phone.


                    • #11
                      Open the phone and cut the leads to the keypad:-)


                      • #12
                        Shoretel News!!!