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  • Shoretel Support

    How does Shoretel support rank, compared to the big 3? I mean, just about everytime I call (which is rarely), they are able to either solve my issue, or give me proof it's not Shoretel (and they are right). do they compare. I give Shoretel support an A+.

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    It really depends on who I work with, half the time I know more then the ShoreTel tech. Teir 2 and engineering are very good. Just the fact that I can call into TAC and talk to a person after 10-20 minutes is a success in itself compared to other support centers where I have waited hours and then dumped into voicemail. I would give ShoreTel TAC an A.


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      On the flip side, I have a ticket that I opened in early December. I had to spend much time and money to prove to them it was a shoretel issue.

      They accepted that it was their problem, but they have still failed to fix the issue.

      My issue is not a minor bug either. It is a production affecting CALL QUALITY issue.

      No one at shoretel will step up and take care of this issue, or even provide an ETA on when someone will fix the problem.

      I hate to say it, but I give them an F. They get a much higher grade when compared to other support staffs, but like 5 months to fix a call quality bug? With no ETA in sight? Come on.

      Someone at shoretel should be ASHAMED of their response on this issue. I hope someone at shoretel has the courage to forward this post up the chain of management until it gets to someone that cares. We have been ignored far too long.

      Defect # 1-26195948
      Ticket # 1-26084911

      I am to the point where I am going to start recommending AGAINST shoretel systems due to the lack of support. If they won't fix my problems then I will hit them in the pocketbook until they do.

      This site gets a lot of traffic...... I believe that this post alone will make people think twice before purchasing shoretel systems.


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        Not sure how to compare to the other phone manufacturers.... I can tell you that the support is up there relative to some other technology companies we work with. Some of the best have to be Foundry & Juniper. They really have stellar TAC departments.

        Shoretel Tier 1 doesn't really do anything for us to be honest.... We've been doing this for so long and on so many installations, we are only calling in to basically report critical bugs... Then again, we just call into someone in tier 2. LOL.


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          I feel like it has gone a slightly downhill since we first started dealing with them. Lately, they seem to try and get off the phone quickly.


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            Shoretel Support - Bad

            I just wanted to update this thread. I sent in a request for Shoretel Support, Sales, and several regional managers about our ticket that is oh.... 5months old.

            It has been a week and not even a response.

            Their response is just sad. Our issue is one that should have been caught in day one of QA testing.


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              Originally posted by eazeaz View Post
              I just wanted to update this thread. I sent in a request for Shoretel Support, Sales, and several regional managers about our ticket that is oh.... 5months old.

              It has been a week and not even a response.

              Their response is just sad. Our issue is one that should have been caught in day one of QA testing.
              While you may not feel it is getting resolved, your defect # is on every server build sheet since it was discovered. It's not like they are sweeping it under the rug. On top of that, I dont have this issue with any of my customers, so it must not affect everybody.

              Not trying to make excuses though...



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                According to shoretel it affects everyone from builds of 7.5 and up... including 8.

                Many people do not realize the problem is there until they know what to look for. They assume that the other person is on a cell phone or something and cut out......

                I bet if you ask around you will have more customers with the problem than you think.

                The problem manifests itself where the person will answer the phone and say "This is Gary" and the other end hears nothing. There is a second or so of awkward silence until someone says hello and then everything is good from there.

                From the customers point of view it sounds totally unprofessional. They hear someone answer, two seconds of silence, and then they have to say hello.


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                  Well, I have a new customer that has 7.5 with IP265's that first complained about VM's having the first part cut off. Originally, it was the first 2 words. They had the VM server on a different subnet (different site logically), but it was physically connected to the DMZ port of a watchguard at that site. Odd configuration, but site 2 (where server is currently at) came up before site 1 (where the VM server will be going). They added a switch between the Watchgaurd port and the server, it it was reduced greatly. Odd! We are waiting for the VM server to be moved to site 1 (probably tonight) to see if the problem disappears altogether when the server is 'down the street'. The watchgaurd specialist mentioned he believed it had to do with Auto-negotiation or something like that on the DMZ port. It didn't take them long to suggest the switch, so I assume that he has seen similar issues like this before.



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                    Call Delay

                    I too got a call from TAC a few days ago. It took 5 months and probably 50+ contact attempts to get a real status update.

                    The gentlemen was very friendly and assured me that a firmware update would be available shortly (First to second week of May). It was supposed to be going through QA now.

                    I will believe it when I see it, but I do thank Shoretel for at least responding. I really do appreciate being able to tell my boss something.


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                      Shame on You

                      Just an FYI

                      Shoretel has still not fixed this issue. No call, no update, no release.

                      Absolutely Sad.

                      Shame on you Shoretel


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                        I received a message shortly after the last post went active. It claims that the patch is in final testing and should be available for us next week, and available for general release in June.

                        Will keep everyone posted.


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                          Over the last six months I have worked on two issues that took quite some time to sort out. One issue took four months to resolve and the other took a little more than a month. Even though it took time, I understand that it is not easy to fix some issues and my contact at ShoreTel was very good. A word of advise, if ShoreTel is not following their SLA, make sure you notify the correct person, this will speed things along.