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  • Shortel Soft phone and primary deskphone transfer witout deactivate?

    Good Afternoon.

    I was unsure where to place this.

    Quick back ground.
    The company I work for use shortel. I requested that i have a soft phone license assigned to my account.

    However My roll in the company is a little more unique than most other employees.
    I am in a service desk roll but often answer phones and taking messages for other technicians as well as supporting clients.
    Some phone calls will be 20 - 30 seconds long others will be up to an hour long.

    I was wondering if there is the ability to answer with my standard desk phone and if the call is going to take longer than a few minutes on my shortel communicator change to my soft phone and put my headset on. When i change to softphone while on a call it tells me that the phone call will be disconnected if i activate softphone.

    I can go up to a couple of hours without a phone call as I work on other tickets that come through via email as well as answer phones so I dont want to spend the entire day with the headset on.

    Could you please let me know if it is possible to change to soft-phone from primary phone without cutting the phone call off?
    Maybe there is a work around?

    I thought about having two phones but then i can not do group pickup without using the headset.

    thanks in advance.

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    Not wanting to sound simple here but can't you just use a headset direct from your phone?


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      Thanks Mikey. I can but the issue is the office can get very noisy at times and difficult to hear clients with the open plan office. The headsets the company can provide that plug directly into the phone are not that good. I have a set of noise canceling headset that I would like to use but they are USB. Cheers for the suggestion.


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        Can you park it to another extension then sign into softphone and unpark it? It may not let you because it would lose the timeout path, but its worth taking a minute to try.
        Randy Wensmann
        [email protected]
        (408) 385-3485