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  • Shoretel Communicator not reconnecting

    I have a couple of users who's laptops don't always reconnect when they come back to the office. Communicator is open, but no contacts, directory, etc. When I delete their credentials, re-open communicator, re-enter their credentials, they connect immediately. One is Windows 10, the others are Windows 7. Very intermittent.

    Has anyone else seen this?

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    I have seen this before - there's a couple things we found out.

    If the laptop has been hibernated or put into sleep mode then it wont connect when it wakes up. We found plugging in the network lead then starting or restarting the laptop sorted this out. Same if its connecting to wifi.

    Another way is just to restart Communicator service by right clicking on the task tray icon and selecting 'exit' then starting Shortel Communicator from the desktop icon.

    Hope this helps


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      I'm not sure I've really restarted (trying to get the user back to work), so I'll have to double check that. Turning Communicator off (from the task tray) doesn't help.

      Thanks for the ideas!


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        I've been looking through the communicator debug logs and found some entries that look like issues.

        In the CHMAdin log, it receives a bunch of calendar entries, then it has rows and rows of:

        07:44:39.607 P/TID 2080/7344 CAS: BeginPerfomLogin
        07:44:54.614 P/TID 2080/CASEvtMgrThread CASIntf_CASConnectionEvent: LoginRequest
        07:44:54.614 P/TID 2080/CASEvtMgrThread CASIntf_CASConnectionEvent: LoginRequest
        07:44:54.614 P/TID 2080/CASEvtMgrThread CASIntf_CASConnectionEvent: LoginRetry
        07:44:54.614 P/TID 2080/CASEvtMgrThread CASIntf_CASConnectionEvent: LoginRetry
        07:44:54.613 P/TID 2080/1592 CAS login max retry reached

        Eventually, it gets some more calendar items.

        There is a similar thing in the ContactUploadAddin and STVMAdin logs.

        This was on a day when her shoretel would not connect. When I disconnected communicator, then put her name and PW back in, it took 5 minutes before it responded and was slow to add the directory and history.

        There were also some logs on a different day when it claims:
        12:07:18.731 P/TID 7096/5516 Network connection via is not availble. Trying any IP

        Anyone else have this issue?


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          I'm having the same issue, but haven't figured out what the problem is. Seems to only be happening to new laptops though.


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            We have been having this problem for some time. Whenever a user moves from a wired network to wireless and back to wired, Communicator tends to get upset and displays "line not in service". The only guaranteed methods to get it working again is a full reboot, changing telephony settings and relaunching Communicator so the wizard runs, or disable/re-enable the network adapter. We have also experimented with the order that the networks are in, but still have not found a solution of getting it to reconnect every time automatically. I was going to look into a script to have them run in order to temporarily fix this.