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  • Theoretical Remote Phone setup

    Ok, someone with a bit more know-how than me tell me if this will or not work.
    I need to attach a home user to our telephone network. I know how to use it with hardware VPN devices in both locations. I have done it with 2 Linksys RV042’s…they cost $260 each…

    My question is this…I have a 2003 server set up as a VPN PPTP server. I want to put a second Ethernet card in the PC at home, connect the pc via Windows 7 PPTP VPN connection, then “software” bridge the 2 ethernet cards, plug an IP230 phone into a PoE injector and plug the network side of the phone into Ethernet card #2.

    1. Do I have any hope in getting something like this to work?
    2. What if any problems will a “kludge” like this have?
    3. Has anyone attempted this before?

    Just something for the guru’s to think about and possible laugh at…but $45 vs $520 would be a hell of a savings if I can get something like this to work.

    Thanks for your time!


  • #2

    Are you nuts?

    Or just bored?

    I wouldnt even attempt this with the Linksys Hardware.


    • #3
      Works great with the RV042's. Single phone and all... it's just the cost... our IT budget is, for lack of a better word, stunted

      To answer your other questions, a bit, and not usually!

      Just trying to think of a different way of doing things...


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        I have bridged a desktop PC into a LAN via a laptop's wireless card before when I lacked a network jack. That worked fine for Internet browsing. I doubt you'd have such success with a VOIP phone though.


        • #5
          Well, I'll give it a try when my "parts" come in. I'll let everyone know.

          I know I can "see" everything when I create the VPN... can even move things to and from the ftp that the phone needs to get's its config from...see all my shoretel hardware...

          I talked to my integrator, they had no idea if it would work and were curious to see...

          It'll probably fail, but what the hell ya don't know until it's tried.


          • #6
            While I would imagine that you will be able to get the phone booted I do not think the call quality that you will get through a software VPN as a result will be very usable. For one user, give them call manager across that same VPN and then have them extension assignment to their home pone for everything. The ShoreTel will be placing all of the calls so it should not cost them anything.


            • #7
              So you're saying I could assign them an extension 265 and point that to their home telephone number... ok.. now why wouldn't my integrator tell me that? That would be a hell of a lot easier...

              I'm off to see if I can figure that out

              I've set up my config from above. The phone boots, gets a local IP, tries to find the ftp server but says it is unreachable (even though on the pc I can log into it) and then says: "NO mgc ip configured"...

              I'm going to see if I can manually assign IPs to the phone... or maybe just configure the phone in the office first, then try my "rig"...


              • #8
                The feature is called External Assignment and is on the second tab of the user's configuration in Director. It can also be controlled from Call Manager.


                • #9
                  Ok, when trying to set it up I did the following:

                  Created a group called OfficeAnywhere
                  Created a COS that allowed External Assignment (actually for testing, everything is allowed)
                  Created a test user with an extention
                  Went into personal options and allowed external assignment
                  Went to the users call manager and clicked on Office Anywhere
                  Put a check mark in Enable Office Anwhere
                  Entered an external number...
                  and got an error... Please porvide a valid external Office Anywhere destination: The number is invalid.

                  I tried the number with and without the 9 +1
                  Attached Files


                  • #10
                    External Assignment

                    I know you said everything is allowed, but check and make sure that you allow trunk to trunk transfers - under COS permissions. Make sure your user is actually in the group you created with full permissions.

                    This is a core feature of shoretel. Your integrater should have explained all this to you and setup/tested.

                    Something is very strange here.


                    • #11
                      Thanks for the reply...I did have trunk to trunk enabled, but when I created the new group, I forgot to check off which trunks the group could use... stupid me :cursing: