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  • Is there a way to forward a call based on the incoming CID#?

    I would like to forward an incoming call to a cell phone only if the CID# = a pre-defined CID#. Is this possible? Any suggestions

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    Good question, if there is a way, it would be in these personalized call handling rules in the newer (post 8.1??) call manglers...and if that is the case, you would need to have call mangler running...i think.

    It would benefit me too, as I have an 804 number that forwards to my desk phone in Munich, which I then forward to my cell phone here. Its only for my family and friends in the states, so if I have a customer call, I would rather not answer it...


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      Bobby, did you mean Call Manager?

      Enhanced Call Handling Rules can be based off caller ID. They are switch-based and do not require PCM to be open.


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        I am running ver 8.1 build 13.25.6702.0

        What configuration on the switch would allow this? The scenario I am trying to accomplish this would be:

        In a meeting Mode: If my pregnant wife calls from 804-XXX-XXXX, I want that call to forward to a desiganted # (ie cell#), any other call goes to voicemail.

        In ver8.1 I do understand how to establish an escalation profile, however that simply notifies me of a voicemail. Is there any way to treat a call differently based solely on CID#?


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          This feature is v9 only. You would have to upgrade.

          Once you upgrade, you can give yourself Operator call manager. Go into Call Manager Options and look at the Personalized Call Handling section. This section will allow you to set up rules based off current CHM, caller ID of the incoming call, etc. and perform actions such as transferring the call, changing the ring tone, etc.

          If you need a solution on ShoreTel 8, both we and ShoreTel offer a caller-ID-based call routing service which can be installed on the HQ server.


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            Thank you.


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              Call Mangler/manager...yes.

              So, are you saying that once you set up the personalized call handling, in Call Mangler(manager), that config gets stored on the switch??


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                That is correct, actually you can take that one step further, a rule can be set up for someone using their pro or above (9.2 and forward) call manager, then once it is applied they can be reverted to personal call manager and the rule will still work. I have tinkered with a good way to mass apply rules to a group of users but have not gotten anything promising yet.


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                  We have been waiting for the right project in which to develop a tool that can copy these rules from one user to many others, but have not yet had opportunity to do so. If you can find a place where it can be used, maybe we could get it done.