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  • Disable Caller-ID Forwarding

    I am a very novice Shoretel assistant admin. I currently have an option in our auto attendant to speak with our emergency contact during off hours. That option forwards to an internal extension which has its standard call mode to forward to a cell phone (three users switch being "on-call") I wanted to find out how I can configure these forwarded calls to always show up as coming from the same phone number, regardless of the original caller ID. This way, when one of these "on-call" persons receives a call, they know that it is coming from this emergency line. As of right now, the system is forwarding the original caller ID to the cell phone.

    Being that I found this thread listed below, I assume it can be done. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    What version are you on?


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      We are using version 10.1


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        Is there any other information I could gather for any assistance with this issue?


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          In 10.1 the system always passes original caller ID on hard forwarded calls. You could set the extension to forward always to VM and then set an auto find me. The Find me option allows you to control if original CLID is passed or not.


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            Well, thanks for the help. Hopefully this will change in future versions.


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              Ben, when using Find Me, the number is spoken, rather than displayed (also returns to ST VM). I have a business owner who wants to "see" the original calling number, when its forwarded to his cell; prob is we block caller id on the PRI.

              Is there a way to unblock on hard forwarded call? If I have to unblock the PRI, then I'll have to find a way to block the ID on individual profiles.


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                the simplest way would be to have these 3 people be part of an "on-call" workgroup and apply a schedule to that workgroup for the hours you want them to be on-call. Have 3 extensions with external assignments set, and when the users is on-call they can set themselves to logged in or be set to logged in by a supervisor. I currently have a 4 person on-call system that operates in a simillar fashion and after some quick training it was quite simple to use and could be completed in roughly 30 seconds. When they get a call it shows up as "on-call help"