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  • Call rollover question

    We have a function that allows callers to go to a "rollover" line if the person they called is not answering,

    anyone know if it's possible to answer this rollover call remotely?

    there are some calls that come into our office from the east coast and because of our location there is no one here to answer the calls. We'd like to allow people to pick up at home since it might be as early as 4:30 am our time,

    thanks in advance for any help

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    I think you would have to define a number for it to rollover to...I mean, how would someone at home know that the phone is ringing at the office?

    Anyway, there are quite a few options in the Shoretel system, so I dont want to insult your intelligence, I'll just assume that you dont know...or I am misunderstanding your question.

    Users can use office anywhere, or find me...what version are you on?
    Users can set up a rule in PCM to forward calls from a certain number to any number they wish.
    If the calls come into an Auto Attendant, you can set a schedule so that in off hours, it can forward to a route point that always forwards to an external number...

    If I am way off here, please explain how this "rollover" line works.


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      Thanks Bobby, you are right on. I'm a user so I do know very little about the system. On my phone it says Shortel230. I do use find me. So maybe that is where I should try to figure this out.

      I'll explain a little more, although it may be redundant. After 6pm in the evening when a customer calls in and their contact is not in the office, they have the option to hit "0" (or another #, i'm not sure) and their call will ring on all the phones of people who are predesignated to be able to answer those calls (in this case the sales team). Then, if no one picks it up, the call goes back into the voice mail of the original person they called.

      The idea behind the roll is that you never know who may be available to pick up after hours, so anyone there has the option. I'm wondering how to make this the same for after hours outside of the office. I was thinking it would not be practical to assign them to one person because after hours they may not be available, but there may be some people who would be happy to take the call remotely.

      Maybe we could set up an option through find me to be notified on our alternative number if a rollover call came in?

      It sounds like it might be a programming issue, but I was wondering if I could set it up without getting into the nuts and bolts.

      Thanks again for the help.