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This site was created as a place to share stories, tips, and troubleshooting help with ShoreTel/Mitel systems. ShoreTel/Mitel is obviously the MOST exciting VoiP platform on the market right now, and we realized there was no centralized place to discuss this platform, but now there is. Please feel free to join and share your experiences.

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  • Syntellect Vs. Shoretel ECC

    Does anyone have any experience with the Syntellect product. We are having frustration with the ECC on several levels and it looks like the Syntellect product overcomes every issue. From what I can see..
    • Better reporting - utilizes Crystal Reports and you can create your own.
    • Robust text to speech.
    • Robust outbound campaign.
    • Easier to use and manage.
    • Task managament
    • Wrap code reportsing. ability to write a report that says a call of type A usually lasts x minutes.

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    We just had a demo. This product has everything a Contact Center product should. Top notch.


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      Interesting. I'm going to look into this. We were looking at the Shoretel Contact Center but it was just too expensive for a business of our size.

      Do any of you know what pricing is on this product?


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        Syntellect Pricing

        Very expensive. The full blown system costs more than we paid for our complete 130 ext Shoretel System with Enterprise Contact Center. Great product, but not justifiable to us at that price


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          Just a note, CC and ECC will be going through some MAJOR changes in the next 12-18 months. Being as how Shoretel has purchased the source code, they will be transitioning it to a true "Shoretel" product, and the list of enhancements.

          Unfortunaltely that's all I can say. If you need more info, you will have to get with your dealer, sign an NDA, and check out the roadmap for CC and ECC. Pretty exciting though!



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            Yeah... finally.


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              Just spoke with Shoretel about changes coming down the pipe to the ECC. Just about everything we have been waiting for


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                Syntellect vs CDR-TNG

                I am developing a new kind of call reporting application. It is in beta test right now. Check out my preview page in the attached pDF.
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                  ECC Options

                  I have been working with the ECC product since the days before it was a ShoreTel product. On balance, the ECC is a great value. Are there better solutions? Yes. The issue is at what price? I have been able to do a great deal with the ECC, including some fairly sophisticated IVR applications, call flow modification based on SQL dips, etc. Now that ShoreTel is moving to MySQL, I am able to do a lot more with reports on both systems. At the end of the day, IMHO, is a great value at its current acquisition price point. When faced with the cost differential between ECC and other products, I have often found that the ECC has enough tricks and flexibility to be an effective solution. This is especially true for those with Champaign desires and beer budgets! Now that ShoreTel owns the product, I would expect incremental, measurable improvements in the product. It is interesting to know that Syntellect acquired Apropo, the very product that Easy Run was created to compete against in price and feature set. Do we really want to go down another OEM product road map? ( Free Videos Online - Watch TV Online - Free Video Clips | Veoh Video Network )
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                    The call reporting leaves much to be desired in ECC. I have developed a more robust and useful Call Reporting Application that runs on desktop computers. It supports 7.0 and 7.5. Dr. VOIP may see it in action at one of his favourite O.C. sites.


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                      I would be very interested in seeing any reports generated from an ECC without using the ECC's reporting package. Are you connecting to the ECC database directly or creating your own DB with Call Control Scripts and SQL?


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                        Originally posted by catatonique View Post
                        I am developing a new kind of call reporting application. It is in beta test right now. Check out my preview page in the attached pDF.
                        Never did see your preview page. . .


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                          Contact Center 5 C2G Interaction Reports

                          Prior to release of ShoreTel Contact Center Version 5.0, reporting was essentially statistical analysis. The Contact Center had very useful report generation capabilities that included the ability to add and delete columns to existing pre-defined reports. The reports, however, were generated largely as summary reports based on accumulated totals of events. For example, you could generate an Agent Performance report that could report the total number of calls presented; total call answered; average call holding time; average talk time over a specified interval. Though very useful for tracking aggregate call volume, the reports could not track individual agents events. The Contact Center had no equivalent of the Call Detail Reporting that you might find in the ShoreTel IPBX database. What information was available, was derived by arithmetic manipulation of totals or the equivalent of “peg counters”. Each agent had a bucket for total calls, but the details of each call were not archived in the database. This led to reports that indicated total calls for the period were 19.2 as calls were averaged over an interval.

                          ShoreTel Contact Center 5.0 takes a major step forward in the area of reporting. A new feature named variously “interaction reporting” or “cradle to grave” reporting has made a major positive contribution to the contact centers already strong feature set. The database has also migrated from Sybase to MySQL, which completes the database migration strategy that ShoreTel began with version 7 of the IPBX. In the ECC database contains a table structure that can be generally summarized as a configuration database. A second database, named C2G has been created and does not appear in contact centers before version 5. This database contains about 22 tables of which four are effectively the equivalent of “CDR” records. A table named events, tracks all the incoming event detail and includes a GUID that can be used to link back to the CDR record in the IPBX. This database makes it possible to create very detailed reports. For example, assume you needed a report that listed each call handled by a specific agent over an specified interval. Additionally, you want the agent detail to include a call disposition status or wrap code. Prior to the C2G database, this type of report would have been impossible. With the new C2G database, you can generate the report very easily using any MySQL administration tool, like SQLyog. Interaction reporting is a major step forward for ShoreTel Contact Center and one that the market will be very excited to receive. Look for a video update in our online library for a “hands on” look at how to setup configure and make use of Interaction reporting!


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                            ShoreTel Acquaintance Center 5.0 takes a above footfall advanced in the breadth of reporting. A new affection called abnormally “interaction reporting” or “cradle to grave” advertisement has fabricated a above absolute addition to the acquaintance centers already able affection set. The database has aswell migrated from Sybase to MySQL, which completes the database clearing action that ShoreTel began with adaptation 7 of the IPBX. In the ECC database contains a table anatomy that can be about abbreviated as a agreement database. A additional database, called C2G has been created and does not arise in acquaintance centers afore adaptation 5. This database contains about 22 tables of which four are finer the agnate of “CDR” records. A table called events, advance all the admission accident detail and includes a GUID that can be acclimated to hotlink aback to the CDR almanac in the IPBX.

                            IP PBX


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                              C2G reporting database

                              Historically, the ECC has used a statistical reporting strategy based on "peg counters" This made everyone nuts. If I have to explain to one more person why they have 4.3 calls in an interval, I will gag myself with a spoon! This shortfall in ECC was significantly enhanced with the release of Version 5. The system now produces an event database known as the C2G or Cradle to Grave event table. (Actually I think Marketing is now calling in "interaction reporting"). At the end of the day the C2G event table is to ECC/CC what the CDR database is to the iPBX. It contains the details that make up the various "peg"counters that pre-version 5 software lacked. The database is MySQL and for this reason, the opportunity exists for "customized" reports. We have been working with this database and are also working with Real Time Adherence applications. There are days that this product causes what little hair I have left on my head to combust! Yet, I still think, dollar for dollar it is among the best solutions in the market place.