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  • 480 phones issue with no service

    On ShoreTel Connect latest version ip phones 480 constantly having issue issue with connecting to server. Almost every day one of the phone or a few phones randomly having issue screen shows NO SERVICE cannot connect to server. And this is not the only one customer issue I have these complains across many customers. Even my phone has this issue here and there as well. If someone else are having this issue what are your thoughts on this?

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    Hi. I have to deal with this recently and learned quite a lot.

    The issue is basically that the phone cannot communicate with the PBX switch/Server. The reason varies, so you have to check several things.
    - The fqdn of the server must be legal. i.e. no illegal characters. This invalidates the certificate which Connect uses for all devices on the ShoreTel network. Thereby preventing your phone from communicating.
    - dns problem. The certificate which is being used by ShoreTel will use the fqdn name of the HQ server. If there is a dns issue and the phone cannot resolve the name, it will not connect.
    - the keystore is corrupt. You can stop all services and delete this folder from the Shoreline data folder and reboot the server. Once the server starts up it will recreate it.
    - ipaddress or domain name change on the server will cause this as well.
    -firewall ports. Please review those in the planning and installation guide.
    - you have no certificate. The certificate can be viewed by going into to Administration > Appliance/Servers > Platform Equipment > HQ Softswitch > Certificate . Check and see what values it is using for the fqdn of the sever.


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      This is a good answer, thanks.
      I will check on:
      Also, is any changes were made to VLAN configurations?
      Is any changes made to INTER-VLAN ROUTING?
      Is any changes made to DNS server?
      How VLAN are configured on switches- dynamically or statically?


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        Yes routing issues as well.
        I had a 480 phone that would connect and work for a few minutes and then disconnect all by itself, only to reconnect by itself a few minutes later. We could ping the phone and switch pbx throughout the changes in service and then out of service, then back in service. So the connecting was there on a pure IP level. But somehow the phone could not navigate the network successfully.


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          I am suspecting that it's more on session layer of OSI, having SIP involved (as it's 480 phones). Routing of IP's is fine since server and phones and switches can communicate with each other but phone getting communication lost while still staying on green state in CONNECT DIRECTOR.


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            Also I remote into a phone while it was in showing lost communication to server and all the information from FTP with config file and IP ADDRESSING was available and configured on the phone, I was able to ping FTP, DHCP and DNS server as well.

            I wish I know how to read phone logs so I can review messages of what phone is sending ans receiving to and from the server.


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              Try adding configservers= "HQ server IP address" to your dhcp option 156.

              Do a packet capture of the phone and look for the phone's registration to the PBX.
              Go into the tgz zip file open the VAR\log\messages file. and look for the registration of the phone to the PBX switch. You will see something like this:

              2017-06-08T10:10:42.885-04:00 P105709FW16324B6ADF pphone[223]: 264.5 pri 0000,sl 00364,sf src/sipconfigclr.cpp,msg [0x40022830] deviceRegistrationStateChanged: newState(3)
              2017-06-08T10:10:42.885-04:00 P105709FW16324B6ADF pphone[223]: 264.5 pri 0000,sl 00390,sf src/sipconfigclr.cpp,msg [0x40022830] Registration->REGISTER FAILED
              2017-06-08T10:10:42.885-04:00 P105709FW16324B6ADF pphone[223]: 264.5 pri 0000,sl 00975,sf src/sipconfigclr.cpp,msg [0x40022830] onRegistrationFailed: switch (, state (2), code (408), reason (Request Timeout), failover (0)...
              2017-06-08T10:10:42.885-04:00 P105709FW16324B6ADF pphone[223]: 264.5 pri 0000,sl 01187,sf src/sipconfigclr.cpp,msg [0x40022830] pickNextSwitch: nextSwitch ()...
              2017-06-08T10:10:42.885-04:00 P105709FW16324B6ADF pphone[223]: 264.5 pri 0000,sl 00598,sf src/sipconfigclr.cpp,msg [0x40022830] pickRandomSwitchFromTheList: failed switch (

              You will note where mine failed to register in the above log.

              Also look for the registration of the HQ server information. You will see something like this:
              IP Address:
              Subnet Mask:
              Router: 192.0.0.
              DNS: 192.1.
              Lease Time: 432000
              XID: 3649545309
              Server ID: 192.0.0.
              TFTP Server: 192.0.0.
              Option 156:
              FTP Servers:
              Config Servers:
              Tagged: No
              VLAN ID: 0

              Note that the FTP server and Config server options are blank. They should not be.


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                In var\log\messages.file I can see the registration:

                Line 5219: 2017-07-05T04:11:40.211-06:00 P104708FS13242D81A0 p8cg[298]: pri 1000,sl 01004,sf src/sce/registrationclrsce.cpp,msg [0x4a25e490] Sip-Status: REGISTERED (

                What I found which is my be the issue because that is what in yellow explanation mark state in phone services:

                2017-07-06T15:25:31.238-06:00 P104708FS13242D81A0 p8cg[298]: pri 4000,sl 00345,sf src/sce/sceobject.cpp,msg [0x4a25e490] 0 <10> |2|||4A25E490||200012|CSceOodRequestSender(0x44476 8e8)::SetOodRequestSenderManager-Manager already set
                2017-07-06T15:25:31.342-06:00 P104708FS13242D81A0 kernel: ept:ldxEventCb: HAPI_RM_DSP_EGRESS_UNDERRUN_EVT: devId = 48
                2017-07-06T15:25:51.288-06:00 P104708FS13242D81A0 p8cg[298]: pri 1000,sl 00312,sf src/embedded/usbnetdevclr.cpp,msg [0x433c5490] PPhoneEvent:3700:"Button box devices ready"
                2017-07-06T15:25:51.301-06:00 P104708FS13242D81A0 p8cg[298]: pri 1000,sl 00343,sf src/bboxmanager.cpp,msg [0x433c5490] PPhoneEvent:3800:"Button box(es) HW Revision OK"
                2017-07-06T15:26:36.580-06:00 P104708FS13242D81A0 p8cg[298]: pri 1000,sl 02309,sf src/pphoneclr.cpp,msg [0x433c5490] PPhoneEvent:5200:"Main screen deactivated"
                2017-07-06T15:26:36.661-06:00 P104708FS13242D81A0 p8cg[298]: pri 1000,sl 00947,sf src/pphoneclr.cpp,msg [0x433c5490] PPhoneEvent:5100:"Options screen opened"
                2017-07-06T15:26:37.569-06:00 P104708FS13242D81A0 p8cg[298]: pri 4000,sl 00778,sf src/httpconnectionsm.cpp,msg [0x433c5490] PPhoneEvent:1811:"Unexpected CAS result" - Error: Error downloading https://ihhqshoretel. - server replied: Forbidden
                2017-07-06T15:26:37.689-06:00 P104708FS13242D81A0 p8cg[298]: pri 4000,sl 00345,sf src/sce/sceobject.cpp,msg [0x4a25e490] 0 <10> |2|||4A25E490||200163|CSceOodRequestSender(0x44459 450)::SetOodRequestSenderManager-Manager already set
                2017-07-06T15:26:37.815-06:00 P104708FS13242D81A0 p8cg[298]: pri 5000,sl 00564,sf src/httpconnectionsm.cpp,msg [0x433c5490] PPhoneEvent:1805:"CAS failed to connect"
                2017-07-06T15:26:37.894-06:00 P104708FS13242D81A0 p8cg[298]: pri 4000,sl 00345,sf src/sce/sceobject.cpp,msg [0x4a25e490] 0 <10> |2|||4A25E490||200306|CSceOodRequestSender(0x44453 9b0)::SetOodRequestSenderManager-Manager already set

                this is CAS FAILED TO CONNECT message.

                And config server is not configured in DHCP SCOPE OPTION 156
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                  I am experiencing a similar problem with a few 480 phones on a recent migration from 14.2 to Connect build 21.82.9645.0 with the phones randomly displaying No Service for a few minutes then everything is back to normal.

                  I contacted TAC and they said sometimes this occurs if the BootRom needs to be updated on a SG switch the phones are assigned. I checked and the switch did have an older BootRom version. I updated the BootRom but the problem occurred again today on one of the 480 phones.
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                    I am also having a similar issue at our shop. Using an SG90 switch and existing IP265 phones all work perfectly. Every IP480 phone I have tried comes up as no service, SIP registration failed, CAS failed.

                    I looked into more of what davidbec was saying and my problem was indeed a certificate issue. I deleted the old one and created a new one within director and after a restart of the server and several IP480 phone restarts, all phones are registered and working now. Thanks for all the great info in this post. I learned a lot.
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