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  • Email integration issues with ShoreTel 13.3...

    Ever since installing ShoreTel v13.x, we've had random voicemail integration issues into Outlook. The issue that we seem to be facing now is a few users who cannot delete email from within Outlook. They can delete it from the ShoreTel Communicator, then it will disappear from Outlook. Any ideas on where to head from here?

    Thanks in advance!

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    User account control settings, local firewall and antivirus settings seem to always cause issues to communicator. I would turn everything you can off to see if things resolve.

    Double check that each user with troubles has the updated version of communicator that matches your current build.

    You should be able to remove integration all together...reboot the users machine then see if you can re enable the feature.

    Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall communicator?

    Do you use any software integration with the ShoreTel that is not ShoreTel branded? If you do not make sure that there is not leftover tapi integration settiunder the phone and modems section
    Lance Paddock
    BTX | Business Telephone eXchange
    1(800) 289-0299


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      Thanks for the quick reply, Lance. I have tried the following to resolve this issue:

      1) Uninstalled ShoreTel Voicemail integration.
      2) Uninstalled ShoreTelCommunicator.
      3) Removed the client's Outlook MAPI profile.
      4) Ran Outlook as an Administrator and removed all ShoreTel add-ins.
      5) Checked to ensure installation of ShoreTel Communicator prerequisites.
      6) Reinstalled ShoreTel Communicator.
      7) Setup client's MAPI profile again.

      After all of this, I still cannot delete voicemails from within Outlook. If the voicemail is unheard, and I click delete within Outlook, it will actually delete it in ShoreTel Communicator, but it still shows up in the Outlook Inbox. I have disabled the antivirus for testing purposes. I am not using any third-party ShoreTel software add-ins. We are all also using ShoreTel Communicator 13.3 Build 18.62.4900.0 which matches the build of the Headquarters server and DVM. The frustrating this is that this only happens with a few out of 100+ clients. Any other suggestions?
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        ST 13.x introduced a new Outlook form:
        ShoreTel Communicator for Windows: New Outlook Form for Microsoft Outlook 2007/2010

        This description doesn't sound exactly like your issue but perhaps it could be related?

        New voicemail form in Outlook when "Voice Mail Integration with Outlook" is installed which supports Outlook 64 bit. After the upgrade to ShoreTel 13, the old voicemail forms are still visible in Outlook. Clicking on them, however, has no effect. The old voicemail is played via the new outlook form. Thus, each old voice mail is represented by two forms. The user sees duplicated voice mails.

        (from the ST 13 release notes)
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          These are brand new voicemails with all Oulook plug-ins removed and reinstalled. So, it doesn't seem that it would apply.


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            We have some users experiencing the same thing with Outlook 2007. 13.3 Build 18.61.6001.0. Have tried most of the ideas posted above with no success.


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              I ran into this issue and after uninstalling the voicemail integration in Communicator I could delete the e-mails from Outlook without affecting the corresponding voicemails in Communicator. Luckily this user did not want to continue listening to voicemails through Outlook so I left the voicemail integration uninstalled.

              Still curious what the fix is for this issue though since I'm sure it will happen to another user who actually wants to use this feature.


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                We are experiencing the same issue. Could someone give us some lights please?