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  • Active X Control for Agent Tool Bar?

    Hi All,

    We have built an application that uses http and web pages to control and interact with the agent toolbar. This uses the EAX active X control and is ok - not brilliant but it does work.

    Now we want to move it to a VB application to do the same thing. The Active X control does work however you can only log into the tool bar and activate it, from there the communication is lost or the commands are ignored. I have tried VB6, and they both do the same thing. I have tried public, private, setting the active X open on all permissions and it simply does not work!

    Is there anyone who has any documentation on the Active X as there doesn't seem to be any anywhere!

    There is in the PDF active X integration and there it tells you that it can be done with VB - however no sample code as usual. The program they have made is called VBcontroller.exe and does just what we want. I want to look at this but trying to find this app is like looking for gold for free, if it exists at all.

    We are part of the developer network but that is pointless because there is no support or documentation or sample code, only for the COM - The com is for the phone controls not the Agent Tool Bar abd we use that as well for something else. This COM works OK.

    So I will post the very, very simple code and if anyone can tell me why it is not working I would be very happy.

    I would also like to say that the Shoretel system is NOT developer friendly, the developer support is extremely bad and this has to be the most awkward system I have ever worked with because everything with ShoreTel seems so difficult to achieve the simplest of things! Why? There is no one to email, no documentation or support on the ActiveX - so why have it?

    Is there another way to integrate with the Agent Tool Bar?

    Anyway the simple code is here

    Public Sub Command1_Click()
    End Sub

    Public Sub Command2_Click()
    End Sub

    Public Sub Form_Load()
    EaX1.Init ("tester")
    EaX1.StartEaEx "1999", "1234", "1005", "", ""
    End Sub

    So it opens the toolbar and when button 1 is pressed makes the agent ready and when button2 is pressed shuts down the toolbar - these buttons are ignored and yet again we have another piece of Shoretel that does not work!

    Many thanks


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    Any update about this issue we are trying to implement this application
    And we need to pass the caller Id to make a query from an application like the one in the ECC integration documentation


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      Active X

      We did actualy get this to work through the TAPI string, we sent the TAPI string to an application with all the details that we setup in the shoretelcfg.ini

      In version 5.5 this worked fine but in version 6 it seems to have stopped for some reason. We are now retrieving the nCallid via the TAPI then in a .net application making an instance of the stmlControl and then getting all other details from there.

      Theere are some parts of the ECC like the shoretelcfg.ini process to the TAPI that are very flakey indeed and far to unrelaible between upgrades to use as a defenite source of TAPI information.

      Shoretel's documentation on these things is extremely poor and mostly non existent so finding these things out is near on impossible. We are a memeber of the develooment network and this really doesn't give us any benefit at all because when there is an upgrade and things like the shoretelcfg.ini just stop working we have to find another way around it.

      Good luck but I would say go down the framwork route and not the ECC configuration route because its rubbish!


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        Can you help me to know from where to start

        i mean regarding the TAPI we don't know how to start we are now using ST12.2 and ECC7
        maybe the new versions would be better if you or anyone can share with us any code in VB.NET this will be grate

        even the old vb one you mad can you shear it with me
        and once we get anything we can work together on it tell we reach our goal.

        thank you in advance;