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  • ShoreTel Call Recording using TAPI 2 WAV

    Dear All,

    I am trying to do call recording on ShoreTel 9.2 Build 14.41.1108.0 and need help. lineDevSpecific(...) works fine and return positive number but getting the LINEERR_INVALCALLHANDLE in dwParam2 of corresponding LINE_REPLY, below is the source code.

    class CRecordData
    _bstr_t m_strTargetDN;
    _bstr_t m_strSipCallID;
    _bstr_t m_strRecDestDN;
    _bstr_t m_strRecMailBox;
    bool bStart;

    CRecordData cRecData;
    CRecordData* pRecordData;
    BYTE* pBuffer;
    DWORD dwSize;

    And after receving the event of STLINECALLSTATE_CONNECTED_FAREND_ANSWERED, I am sending call recordrequest in lineDevSpecific as below.

    hCallHandle = (HCALL)oLineMessage.hDevice;
    status = lineSetCallPrivilege(hCallHandle, LINECALLPRIVILEGE_OWNER);

    if(status) _tprinf(_T("lineSetCallPrivilege didn't set call privileges to owner."));

    LPTSTR szCallId = _T("359A8559-6457-48a7-A600-DBF18973D2B1");
    TCHAR CallId[33];
    StrCpy(CallId, szCallId);

    cRecData.bStart = true;
    cRecData.m_strSipCallID = CallId;
    cRecData.m_strTargetDN = L"753";
    cRecData.m_strRecDestDN = L"114";
    cRecData.m_strRecMailBox = L"";

    pRecordData = &cRecData;

    _bstr_t strRecParams ;
    strRecParams = L"T=";
    strRecParams = strRecParams + pRecordData->m_strTargetDN;
    strRecParams = strRecParams + L";R=";
    strRecParams = strRecParams + pRecordData->m_strRecDestDN;
    strRecParams = strRecParams + L";CT=";
    strRecParams = strRecParams + pRecordData->m_strRecMailBox;
    strRecParams = strRecParams + L";";

    DWORD dwSize = sizeof(*pRecordReq) + (strRecParams.length() + 1) * sizeof(WCHAR);

    pBuffer = (BYTE*) malloc(dwSize);
    pRecordReq = (LPSTLINERECORD) pBuffer;

    pRecordReq->dwFunction = STLINE_RECORD;
    *((GUID*)&pRecordReq->extensionID) = __uuidof(STLINERECORD);

    pRecordReq->bStart = pRecordData->bStart;

    if (strRecParams.length())
    pRecordReq->dwRecordParamsSize = (strRecParams.length() + 1) * sizeof(WCHAR);
    pRecordReq->dwRecordParamsOffset = sizeof(*pRecordReq);
    ::wcscpy((LPWSTR)(pBuffer + pRecordReq->dwRecordParamsOffset), strRecParams);

    if(pRecordData->m_strSipCallID.length() > 0)
    if (UuidFromString(pRecordData->m_strSipCallID,&(pRecordReq->guidCallID)) != RPC_S_OK)
    _tprintf(_T("Call Record: Error parsing the Sip CallID to GUI\r\n"));

    lDeviceStatus = lineDevSpecific (hLineChannel, 0, hCallHandle, (LPVOID) pRecordReq, dwSize);

    if(lDeviceStatus > 0)
    _tprintf(_T("StartRecording request successfully sent to ShoreTel PBX."));

    TAPI function lineDevSpecific(...) is working good and returns positive number but corresponding LINE_REPLY is giving the LINEERR_INVALCALLHANDLE in dwParam2.

    Thanks for your help.

    Mudassir Saeed

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    Looks like a bug with the forum...


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      Can you post more info about your program? Does this program run on the Director or does it run on the desktop?